The Prophecy

The Prophecy

This is the prophecy (that will be explained in the story). It was written in 1753, and gives information on the disaster Callie will be battling, the year of her birth, and the year of the disaster. I’d love to get feedback on what you think the different lines mean!

I see this sign, all must take heed;
When woman do most heinous deed
Lost within, tormented soul
No shield, just sword to parry the toll
Of taking in the pain! the pain!
Over which she could no longer reign.
Using beasts so small, unseen,
Changing man to something mean.
She will ruin kinder lives;
By cutting love as though with knives,
And murder foul man’s greatest gift:
When she seek to cause a passionate rift.
And man shall walk as if aslumber;
Even if he increase in number;
And physics have no remedy;
For this is the new legacy!
What to do! What to do! Oh, humanity!
A champion birthed, path to sanity.
One can help – a girl! a child!
So small to battle this woman riled.
Born in the year nearest Mars
The double ram is in her stars.
Baya de Spirito Santo is the place
In water clear, I see her face!
A comet flies, the lightest mark
Upon the heel of this foe to dark.
When one thousand planets man has seen
And the spring turns to summer green
The child, with feeling, healing touch
May draw the evil from her clutch!

I developed this prophecy in the style of Mother Shipton, a fascinating prophetess and contemporary of Nostradamus, born in 1488 in England. Her prophecies have been proven over time, and have a beautiful, poetic rhythm that was a joy to attempt to emulate.

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