Dragon’s Egg

Dragon’s Egg: Chapter 1, continued

“Ms. Banon? Letha?”

I groaned, and thought how all I ever do lately is wake up. I just wanted to sleep.

“Good morning, Ms. Banon. I need you to wake up now. I’m Doctor Chennupati. How are you feeling?”

“My head hurts. My stomach, too. I feel groggy. What happened to me? Why am I here?”

“You were brought in by ambulance six days ago, after a car accident. You’ve been unconscious since then. Do you remember anything?”

“Six days? I was driving to work… That’s all I remember. How badly was I hurt?” I looked over my body, the shapes under the blanket. It looked like everything was there. I wiggled my toes, reassured by their feather-light rustle against cloth.

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Dragon’s Egg: Chapter 1

Earth, Now

I felt drugged and weak, drowning as I fought the undertow of oblivion to waken. Fighting the feeling was like resisting an anesthesiologist’s mask; it seemed impossible that I would be able to open my eyes.

I groaned, then gave myself a pep talk. “Get with it, Letha. Get up. It’ll be better when you get in the shower. Do not be late again!”

There was a wave breaking over my head, and then a startling, waking jerk. I realized that I had fallen back asleep, but it was no easier to get up now than it was before.

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Dragon’s Egg: Prologue

Edengaard, 36 Earth Years Ago (Year: Leda 948)

“Alburn, you can’t suggest such a thing!” Allegra’s furious whisper echoed, bouncing off the stone walls of the zorala, as she emitted the furious odor of molten metal. “Letha has only four years – little more than a hatchling! Taking her to Earth, cloaking her as human… ”

“We must, Allegra. It’s the only way to protect her.” Alburn’s light gray eyes darkened in anger, nearly – but not quite – battle black. “Jakken has taken our queen.”

The small Therati gathering stilled, and the shocked scents of cedar, woodsmoke, and salt filled the air. Janwyn looked to her mate, Boulder, for answers, but he shook his large bronze head and addressed Alburn.

“What is this, Alburn? What do you mean, ‘taken’? No one ‘takes’ the Kiqu.”

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I’m back from my hiatus!

It has been a really long time since I’ve posted. That time has been filled with the mundane minutia of the everyday tasks involved in caring for my family: cooking, cleaning, baths and bedtime; school dropoffs and pickups; homework and laundry and alien probes.

*There weren’t really any alien probes, that I remember.  But that description of my life was just so boring, I thought I’d test you to see if you made it through to the end.

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Dragon’s Egg (Working Title)

Letha, a woman with increasingly debilitating ailments, has no memory of her noble birth as a Drakkon Queen of Edangaard, sent to Earth disguised as a human child to protect her from assassination. When a Septarian stone implant is discovered and removed following a chance car accident, her previously suppressed dragon powers are restored, and her memory of life with her natural family begins to return. Read More