Sample Chapter for James Patterson Co-writing Contest

Check out the sample chapter I’m submitting for the James Patterson Co-writing Contest! I’m really excited about this story, and so impatient to get the whole thing out there. The submission deadline is tomorrow, and I’m doing the final tweaks tonight, so if you have any feedback (which I would LOVE), be sure to submit it in the comments ASAP!

Thanks again for all the support!

The chapter I’m submitting is the second chapter, when the main character, Charlie, has just come home from a week-long business trip to find someone else living there.

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Loving the Feedback! Keep It Coming!

I am thrilled with the feedback I’ve been getting on the synopsis and hook for the James Patterson co-writing competition. Your insights are truly helpful in fine-tuning an idea I’m really excited about. Thank you!

I’ve listened to the comments I’ve received so far, and done a bit of tweaking. What do you think of the updated version of the book summary? (Joan, I tried, but I couldn’t get it to work with the husband’s name in the first sentence.)

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***INPUT REQUESTED*** Hard At Work On Something New

Good afternoon to all my friends! I haven’t posted much in the past few weeks, because I’ve been hard at work on something exciting!

This is a long shot, I’ll grant that. But I’m working on a submission to a contest to CO-WRITE A BOOK WITH JAMES PATTERSON! How amazing is that? As I said, it’s a long shot. And, since it has to be something within his standard mystery/thriller genre, I had to come up with yet another story idea, but I’m very excited about my new idea, which I’ll outline below.

I am DYING for your feedback on this, so even if you would normally just skim through my post and think to yourself, “That’s nice. She’s writing something,” please, please, please leave me a tiny little comment with your thoughts – if you love it, if you hate it, or if you just think that it’s not for you. Or you can leave me a nice, long comment. I’m not picky.

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Listening To…

I’ve been at work all day on my new project (still to be discussed when I reach a point where I can post more information), but am so enthralled with my music in the background I had to share. I’m listening to my Slow Trance station on Pandora, grooving out to these, most recently: Read More