Hell’s Queen

Hell’s Queen

Adam Shepard, a good man, is partly responsible for the death of his beloved daughter Molly and is killed by the police as he murdered the man that kidnapped his daughter. He wakes up in Hell, believing himself to be alive and recovering from his gunshot wounds, where he is subsequently arrested, tried, and imprisoned for his crime. His strength of character and moral values, rare in Hell, gain the direct attention of Hell’s queen, Lilith Lotan, who makes it her personal mission to corrupt him absolutely. His innate goodness continually foils her attempts, and in the process gains her admiration and eventually leads to her own redemption, as well as his.

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Crystal Jag administrator

Crystal lives in Florida with her husband, children, a dog, a cat, and two fish. She spends her days writing and wrangling kids, with a bit of laundry and housework thrown in to prevent aforementioned husband, kids, dog, cat, and fish from being buried naked in a landfill.

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